Ethiopic, ECoSA, & UTF8

From: Daniel Yaqob (
Date: Wed Jan 14 1998 - 08:00:13 EST

Greetings All,

  It is my pleasure to announce here that the Ethiopian Computer
Standards Association (ECoSA), formed on Nehasse 24, 1989 (or August 30,
1997 by the Gregorian Calendar) has opened a WWW Homepage to fascilitate
communication with other standardization bodies. You may find it at:


comments are welcomed. ECoSA is a professional organization and is in a
unique position between industry and government in Ethiopia. ECoSA's
intended role is to compose standards from proposals submitted by the
Ethiopic computing industry and lobby those standards with the Ethiopian
Authority for Standards to then become national standards in Ethiopia.

Those interested in online publishing of Ethiopic, can find UTF8 and
other encoding systems for weekly Ethiopian newspapers under:


The only known UTF8 web browser for Ethiopic is the Tango browser of
Alis Technologies. Setup assistance is provided at the above referenced

Thank You,

Daniel Yacob
ECoSA External Relations Officer

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