Anyone know of jdbc-odbc bridge that really supports unicode?

From: Tex Texin (texin@bedford.progress.COM)
Date: Tue Jan 27 1998 - 19:51:50 EST

I am trying to use either of the Sun and Microsoft JDBC-ODBC bridges and
they do not seem to understand Unicode other than the ASCII values.
That is, rather than converting to a native character set or passing
Unicode on to ODBC, the bridge just passes one byte of the 16bit Unicode
characters thru.

Am I doing something wrong in my setup for JDBC? The locale seems set
right for everything else and other api dependent on internationalization
seems to work ok.

Is there a JDBC-ODBC bridge out there that does support Unicode?
I am working with CJK characters at the moment. I would be happy if I
could get any one language thru. (i.e. either C or J or K)

Does anyone have a list of JDBC drivers, type 1 or otherwise, that
properly support Unicode?


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