Re: Zapf Dingbats block missing 14 glyphs

From: Sairus P. Patel (sppatel@Adobe.COM)
Date: Thu Jan 29 1998 - 20:54:43 EST


Thanks for your note.

> Adobe have placed these in the Corporate Use Subarea of Private Use
> Area, in the range U+F8D7 to U+F8E4 (matches Apple's MacOS assignments)

Yes, I believe I did mention Apple's assignment of the 14 Zapf Dingbats
glyphs to the Corporate Use subarea. The question is whether they
rightfully belong in the Dingbats block or not - and I believe they do,
for the reasons outlined in the message.

> Does anybody maintain a registry of the area Adobe calls "Corporate Use
> Subarea" of Unicode?

"Corporate Use subarea" is an official Unicode term, not Adobe's. There is
no general registry of the CUS that I know of. FYI, Adobe's own CUS
strategy is outlined in:

and the current CUS assignments used by Adobe are in:

> I noticed that some of the ranges overlap for example Klingon.

"Klingon"? How intriguing - is that a font that's treading in Unicode
where no font has tread before? Or perhaps where another font *has* tread
before, you imply. What ranges overlap?


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