FW: Unicode accross the different platforms

From: F. Avery Bishop (averyb@microsoft.com)
Date: Fri Feb 06 1998 - 22:33:25 EST

I thought some of you might find this post to the Arabic computing list

F. Avery Bishop
Program Manager, Complex Script Enabling

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> Subject: Unicode accross the different platforms
> Greetings all.. and Eid mubarak..
> I am collecting materials for an article I wish to publish, and would
> be very intersted to know your views. Very thankful as well.
> As you know, Microsoft plans to implement Unicode accross all of its
> applications and operating systems probably during this year.. I am
> not free to disclose the possible dates (not that this matters any
> way:)
> I am not sure as to which digree (and which version of Unicode) MS
> will support the standard in each application an operating system.
> But regarless, support it they will..
> I will appreciate it if any one who has more details can tell me
> wither they are going to roll out a specific version of Unicode (ie,
> UTF-8) accross all the applications and platforms during this year.
> Aside from this, can any one tell me please about the other OS
> vendors.. such as Apple, IBM, and the various Unix vendors and
> their plans to implement Unicode in their OSes..
> I think this year might very possibly be the year when we start to
> get rid of all this headache associated with the different Arabic
> code pages... given that:
> 1. All OS vendors implement and hold to the Unicode standard without
> deviation "for the public good".
> 2. The hitches currently availale in the Unicode standard (such as
> those dealing with how to treat charachters such as the slash "/" and
> dash "-" are solved as soon as possbile.
> I will appreciate all of your comments, even the off-topic ones (:
> Regards,
> Turki Al-Qusaimi
> Columnist, Byte ME

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