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Date: Fri Feb 13 1998 - 13:23:36 EST

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> Dear fellow Unicode programmers,
... <snip> <quoted documentation about implicit conversion of CF_UNICODETEXT
and CF_TEXT>...
> It would be convenient to use CF_UNICODETEXT exclusively
> and not bother with CF_TEXT, and it would seem
> straightforward for the operating system to perform the
> conversion "implicitly". Unfortunately it doesn't seem to
> work.
Yes, it would be convenient. However, the SDK documentation, the Kano book,
and the Borland documentation are all incorrect. Windows NT does implicit
conversion, Windows 95 does not. It's just as straightforward for an
application to do the conversion as the system, and the app has more control
over codepage, composition state, error handling, and so on

See also the docs for CF_LOCALE, which is designed to be paired with CF_TEXT
to provide codepage and language information. I have no idea if the systems
or most applications have any awareness of CF_LOCALE, so it may not be of
very much use.

--- Paul Chase Dempsey

> Thank you all for your consideration of this question
> and for any information you can share.
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