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<< Subj: Beta software that supports the Unicode Standard now available
 Date: 98-03-10 22:06:44 EST
 From: (Dean Abramson)
 To: (Unicode List)
 Unicode Developers,
 Our company is now accepting beta testers for our UniAPI library
 designed to provide a software implementation the Unicode Standard,
 Version 2.0. This includes information for all normative character
 properties; many informative character properties; character casing,
 composition, and decomposition; resolving levels of bidi text; and
 There is a small utility, Character Agent, which is also included
 that demonstrates some of the information provided in the UniAPI
 library. ALL information shown in this utility is derrived from
 the UniAPI library.
 Documentation, header, and import files are also included in the
 beta software release which supports Windows 95 and Windows NT.
 If you are interested, please visit our website at:
 Thank you. Comments are welcome.
    Dean Abramson
 Bjondi International
                                  O O
 Dean Abramson E-mail:
 Bjondi International Tel: (310) 395-3820
 1234 Third Street Promenade #220 Fax: (310) 395-3402
 Santa Monica, CA 90401

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