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From: Steve Bossie (SteveB@Micronetics.com)
Date: Mon Mar 16 1998 - 10:15:38 EST

I'm looking for high-level and mid-level references that explain the
relationships among CJKV character sets (and their nomenclature). For
example, RFC 2103 would be a good example, as Jungshik Shin wrote in the
"unicode UNIX editor recommendations" message thread:

"I wish any company interested in CJK support pays attention to the
distinction between coded character set and encoding for one or more
coded character sets. It is not clear for simple 1byte
encodings/character sets like ISO-8859-x and US-ASCII, but they
shouldn't be mixed up with each other when it comes to CJK. RFC 2130
sums up this issue nicely."

Steve Bossie

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