mid-level charset references (WAS: no subject)

From: Steve Bossie (SteveB@Micronetics.com)
Date: Mon Mar 16 1998 - 11:13:58 EST

> I'm looking for high-level and mid-level references that explain the
> relationships among CJKV character sets (and their nomenclature). For
> example, RFC 2103 would be a good example, as Jungshik Shin wrote in
> the
> "unicode UNIX editor recommendations" message thread:
> "I wish any company interested in CJK support pays attention to the
> distinction between coded character set and encoding for one or more
> coded character sets. It is not clear for simple 1byte
> encodings/character sets like ISO-8859-x and US-ASCII, but they
> shouldn't be mixed up with each other when it comes to CJK. RFC 2130
> sums up this issue nicely."
> Steve Bossie

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