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From: Sarasvati (root)
Date: Mon Mar 16 1998 - 12:28:03 EST

Darling subscribers,

Here is some help for The short answer
to his implied question is that there is no digest mode, and there
probably never will be.

        -- Sarasvati



The public mail list "" is open to anyone who wishes to be involved in technical discussions of the Unicode Standard.


You can subscribe to the Unicode public mail list by sending a message to the list's "request" address. The subject line of your message should contain the word "subscribe". The body of the message should contain a subscription command, which has the following form:

subscribe YOUR_ADDRESS unicode

For example, if your e-mail address is "" you would subscribe to the Unicode list by sending a note to "" with the subject line "subscribe" and the contents as follows:

subscribe unicode

(Your personal name should not be specified; only your electronic mail address is needed for subscription.) Subscriptions take effect immediately, beginning with the next message posted to the list.


You may remove yourself from the mail list at any time by similarly sending an "unsubscribe" message, for example, assuming your address is "" you would unsubscribe by sending the following message to the same address "":

unsubscribe unicode


When you wish to post a message to the list itself (i.e., to the subscribers), send it to "", not to the request address, "". The "-request" address is only for subscription and unsubscription.


This list has occasional lulls during which only a message or two per day might be posted, but it has also been subject to heavy periods where more than twenty messages per day will be exchanged, so subscribers should be prepared for both circumstances. In general, you can expect to see 5 to 10 messages per day.

The subscription mechanism is very literal, and it doesn't know about all the aliases by which you may be known. Therefore when you subscribe please make a note of your precise subscription address. You will not be able to unsubscribe without matching the precise address by which you subscribed. For example, if you subscribe as "" then you will NOT be able to unsubscribe by the name "", or by "" or any other such mis-matched address.


There is also a "news" list to which you can subscribe if you are ONLY interested in official consortium announcements, and have no wish to participate in any technical discussion. Send a similar subscription request to "", to wit:

subscribe news

If you subscribe to the list, then it is REDUNDANT to subscribe to the news list; all official announcements are sent to both lists. If you subscribe to both, you will get two copies of all official announcements. In subscribing to the news list, you gain nothing extra; the news list is a broadcast-only list intended solely for individuals with no interest in technical discussions or message exchange.


The mail lists are not serviced by a LISTSERV type of server. The command set of the server is limited to simple requests for addition & removal. There is no digest mode. The list of subscribers is not available. Messages are usually archived on a temporary basis, but the archives are not currently available for downloading; and there are no plans to make them available.

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