Re: Greek accents: sorting order - opinions sought

From: Carl-Martin Bunz (
Date: Thu Mar 19 1998 - 15:36:07 EST

Dear Mr. Clews,

As far as I know there does not exist any convention of sorting
polytonic Greek with regard to the accents and breathing marks.
Especially in the scientific treatment of Ancient Greek (also in the
broader sense of the term, i.e. Classical Greek from Homer onwards
including non-Attic inscriptions and other dialectal material) the words
(or phonemes, morphemes, etc.) are sorted according to their base letter
scheme, the accents and breathing marks being completely irrelevant.

Even iota subscript is disregarded - what is notable because in the use
of the Alexandrinian grammarians it had been substituted for a linear
element (normal iota representing the second component of long
diphthongs) which had existed even in Ionic-Attic script, the standard
alphabet of the Athenian economic empire during the 5th and 4th century
B.C. (opposed to the so-called rough beathing mark which the grammarians
derived from the shape of the letter <H> representing [h] in other
alphabets but *not* in the Ionic-Attic one!).

I would like to see some feedback from Greece. Perhaps I am not aware of
a sorting rule which in fact had been defined recently.

Carl-Martin Bunz.
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