Taiwan: TLPA, verification needed

From: Kai-hsu Tai (kaihsu@ugcs.caltech.edu)
Date: Fri Mar 20 1998 - 05:52:29 EST

I need to verify something that might be misleading to the public about
ISO. The Ministry of Education (MOE) in Taiwan is recently advertising a
certain Latin orthography/transliteration of Taiwanese languages called
TLPA (which probably stands for Taiwan Language Phonetic Association or
something like that).

The handbook introducing TLPA, published by the MOE, says TLPA is
"recommended by the MOE", "registered with the ISO", and also "included in
the ISO 10646 international encoding information standard." The handbook
also said that "[ISO 10646] was established in 1993 and has been under
revision, and the new version will be published in 1998."

Are these statements at all true? Please verify this with me as soon as
possible, for if some or all of these statements are not true, it will not
be good for the cause of standardization.

Excuse me if you receive this piece of mail more than once from different
lists, and thank you all very much in advance.

Kai-hsu Tai

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