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Date: Fri Mar 20 1998 - 12:09:19 EST

Dear Kai-hsu Tai

In message <> you wrote:
> I need to verify something that might be misleading to the public about
> ISO. The Ministry of Education (MOE) in Taiwan is recently advertising a
> certain Latin orthography/transliteration of Taiwanese languages called
> TLPA (which probably stands for Taiwan Language Phonetic Association or
> something like that).
> The handbook introducing TLPA, published by the MOE, says TLPA is
> "recommended by the MOE",

"registered with the ISO",

I assume that this means registered as a table in the Register of
Coded Character Sets to be used with Escape Sequences, under the
provisions of ISO/IEC 2375.

> and also "included in
> the ISO 10646 international encoding information standard."

I think these characters were added to ISO/IEC 10646.

I don't have the relevant information to hand, but I am sure that
somebody will check. If not, somebody will be progressing it within
ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2 and or the UTC, I'm sure. There's a legitimate
user need.

> The handbook
> also said that "[ISO 10646] was established in 1993

Definitely true

> and has been under
> revision, and the new version will be published in 1998."

Probably true - the timetable will be clearer after ISO/IEC
JTC1/SC2/WG2 has completeted its meeting this week in Seattle.

> Are these statements at all true? Please verify this with me as soon as
> possible, for if some or all of these statements are not true, it will not
> be good for the cause of standardization.

The Institute for Information Industry in Taiwan has been involved
for some years with ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2 and the UTC as a Liaison
member, and seems reasonably well informed: I suggest that you also
contact them.

Best wishes

John Clews

John Clews (Chair of ISO/TC46/SC2: Conversion of Written Languages)

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