Re: Kang Xi on-line?

From: John H. Jenkins (
Date: Sun Mar 22 1998 - 21:10:56 EST

On 3/22/98 8:56 AM, Doug Schiffer ( wrote:

>I recently looked at a copy of the Kang Xi dictionary to check out some
>of the Unihan Extension A characters. Unfortunately, the edition got
>was not the 1989 edition spelled out in the Unicode standard docs. As I
>suspected, the page numbering on the new edition was different than 1989
>edition. This means that the cross reference tables are not correct for
>other editions <sigh>.
>Does there exist a set of bitmaps of the characters in 1989 edition

Not that I'm aware. (If you find one, let me know.) There are only two
editions of KangXi that are in common use nowadays, and the pages are in
fact the same, only numbered differently. I believe they're offset one
from another by 72. Perhaps this will help.

John H. Jenkins

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