Re: Subfield mark in MARC records

From: Kolbjørn Aambø (
Date: Wed Mar 25 1998 - 06:24:32 EST

> Those of you who work with bibliographic records, especially MARC
> records, will know that in the good old ASCII days the code point used
> for subfield mark was Hex 1F, and when a visual representation was
> needed, the dollar character, $, was used, (at least in the UK).
> I am now endeavouring to ascertain if there is an emerging de facto
> standard among UNICODE users on what code point and glyph to use for
> the subfield mark.
> Any news of such a developing standard would be most welcome.
> Chris White
> Systems Analyst
> The British Library

You can just continue to use the same control codes, that is 001F instead
of 1F. This part of the UNICODE character set is not regulated by ISO/IEC
10 646 but is rather by ISO/IEC 6420 - Control codes, as before.

This seems a little messy but is done intentionally. I can remember control
codes as a subject in at least one JTC 1/SC2 meeting....

Some relevant control codes:

Field Separator : dec 28 hex 001C
Group Separator : dec 29 hex 001D
Record Separator: dec 30 hex 001E
Unit Separator : dec 31 hex 001F

Kolbjørn Aambø, University of Oslo Library

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