Re: What to use as the last two components of XLFD for "UCS-2 encoded" X11 font?

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Thu Mar 26 1998 - 15:54:09 EST

    Jungshik> Could anyone tell me what to put as the last two components of
    Jungshik> XLFD for "UCS-2 encoded" X11 fonts?

There is some discussion about this now. Some of the possibilities that have
been discussed are:


    Jungshik> I've got an X font server which presents MS-Windows outline
    Jungshik> fonts(in a proprieatary format similar but not identical to
    Jungshik> truetype) as X11 fonts in UCS-2 encoding as well as in KS C 5601
    Jungshik> GL encoding and JOHAB(Korean) encoding. I wanna use fonts
    Jungshik> offered by the font server in Netscape 4.0x(Unix) to display
    Jungshik> UTF-8/UTF-7 encoded web pages, (it can render UTF-8/UTF-7
    Jungshik> encoded html files using "pseudo-Unicode" fonts. These fonts are
    Jungshik> collection of other fonts - ISO-8859-x (x=1-10), JIS X 0208,
    Jungshik> Big5, GB 2312, KS C 5601, etc- covering Unicode character
    Jungshik> repertoire. ) but I can't make netscape 4.0x(Unix) list them in
    Jungshik> dialog box for font selection( Edit|Preference|Appearance|Font
    Jungshik> ). I guess that's because XLFD of those fonts are different
    Jungshik> from what Netscape expects of UCS-2 encoded font. The last two
    Jungshik> components of XLFD I tried include ; 'unicode-0', 'unicode.2-0',
    Jungshik> 'unicode.2.0-0', 'unicode2.0-0'.

No one really knows what Netscape expects at the moment. That is why we are
discussing it.
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