RE: Subfield mark in MARC records -- take 2

From: Smith,Gary (
Date: Mon Mar 30 1998 - 13:31:19 EST

Chris White wrote:
> There was silence on the topic of the glyph / displayed character in
> printed MARC records. We want to get away from using the dollar
> currency symbol for this. What are other MARC record people using /
> going to use ? ?
> A further thought is that it will need to be something that our
> Cataloguers can easily input via the keyboard when they are editing a
> record.

I believe that we will be using the double dagger, U+2021, as the gylph
to represent the subfield delimiter. That corresponds to the glyph used
in older documentation. More recent US documentation has used a glyph
with resembles the box drawings vertical single and double horizontal,
U+256A. The drawback to that character is that its property of
connecting to the characters above and below, which is undesirable for
this usage.

Keyboard entry is another issue entirely, and is up to the particular
application. Current OCLC applications use Ctrl-D for entry of the
subfield delimiter.

Gary L. Smith
Senior Consulting Analyst
Database & Offline Products Development

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