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Date: Tue Mar 31 1998 - 19:55:07 EST

Ar 06:53 -0800 1998-03-31, scríobh John Cowan:
>John Clews wrote:
>> All C0 control characters (previously in ISO/IEC 646, and now from
>> ISO/IEC 6429) have glyphs in UCS (ISO/IEC 10646 and Unicode) as this
>> excerpt from the draft sorting standard ISO/IEC FCD 14651 shows
>> below. Those involved in these discussions may find it useful to note
>> these codes, and check the glyph in UCS (ISO/IEC 10646 and Unicode).
>To be absolutely pernickety about it (a useful phrase I acquired from
>Michael Everson), the Unicode characters U+2400-U+241F (C0 set),

You could only have acquired the word "persnickety" from _me_. :-)

However, I just got a nice book:

Wentworth, Harold. 1944. _American dialect dictionary_. New York: Thomas Y.
Crowell Co. See page 450:

Persnickety, pernickety, adj. Fussy, crochety, snippy; -- also _snickety,
-ity, -etty_. 1890. w.Penn. pernickety = cranky. 1895 e.Canada N.B., N.S.,
Newf. pernickity = cantankerous, whimsical. 1905 e.Neb. per(s)nickety =
disagreeable, snippy. Also adv. 1914 Maine, n.N.H. pernickety = Fussy,
particular, crotchety. Current. 1929 s.w.Mo.-n.w.Ark. Ozarks Th' boss he
got kind o' snickety, so I... walked out. 1930s n.W.Va. Ohio Co.
persnickity = Hard to please. Freq. 1934 _pernickety, -etty, -ity,
persnickety_. Colloq. Web. 1934 Texas persnickity. 1935 s.e.Penn. Lebanon
Co. persnickety = Fastidious. [Used in writer's def. of local term
_sneaky_. May or may not be used locally.] 1940 Ohio But dad [an Ohioan]
was to old to begin being what he called 'persnickety.' _S.E.Post_ Feb 10,
p. 25. 1941 whose talenjts are such that he can satisfy the most
persnickety. M.M. in _New Yorker_ Oct. 18, p. 67/1. 1941 s.Va. in n.W.Va.
persnickety. 1941 Persnickety minds could note with wry interest the...
item of $212,000,000 for farm parity payments. _Time_ Jan. 20, p. 17/3.
1942 n.Ohio in W.Va. persnickity.

Mine English cometh from s.e.Penn., Montgomery Co. As a point of interest,
I wouldn't have the term "sneaky" as given in the citation above.


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