From: Roman Czyborra (czyborra@dds.nl)
Date: Thu Apr 09 1998 - 17:33:54 EDT

Greetings, girls :)

In the Linux Documentation Project <http://sunsite.unc.edu/LDP/> we
already have HOWTO documents for Chinese, Cyrillic, Danish, Finnish,
French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Slovenian, Spanish, and Thai.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was also a HOWTO for Unicode? Yes, I
mean that funny Windoze NT code page for all languages of the world :)

I would like to do this, compile and maintain a Unicode-HOWTO. After
all, I am also writing my master thesis on Unicode use in Unix.

I am currently collecting all sorts of information and test-driving
some programs and give myself one month time to publish and a first
version of the HOWTO and submit it for inclusion.

Feel free to mail me any tips and questions you would like to see
addressed in this HOWTO.

I was thinking about answering the follwing questions:

 - What is Unicode?
 - What is it good for?
 - What problems does it bring?
 - How far is the Unicode support in Unix?
 - How can I make use of Unicode in Unix?
 - How can I input Unicode text?
 - Which transcoding tools are there?
 - Which programming languages and libraries support Unicode?
 - Which fonts can be used to display Unicode text?
 - Which editors and applications can handle Unicode?
 - Which terminals can display Unicode?
 - How can I print Unicode text on paper?
 - Where can I find out more about all of this?

I will be mentioning 2utf, 9term, a2ps, BDF, C, CJK, cxterm, Cyberbit,
Emacs, EUC, glibc, groff, HBF, HTML, iconv, ISO 8859, Java, JIS,
Langbox, Lucida, lynx, MIME, Mosaic, MSIE, MULE, MUTT, ncurses,
Netscape/Mozilla, Omega, PDF, Perl, Pine, Plan 9, PostScript, recode,
rxvt, SCSU, SuSE, stty, tcs, Tcl, TeX, troff, TrueType, Type1, UTF-7,
UTF-8, UTF-16, uxterm, VT100, wchar.h, X11R6, XLocale, XIM, XOM, XLFD,
XML, xhterm, and yudit, just to give you an idea of what I already
came across. If you happen to notice any Unicode-relevant Unix
subsystems missing from this list or think that you know some
interesting details about any of the items, send me your findings so
they can be included.

Cheerio, Roman http://wwwwbs.cs.tu-berlin.de/~czyborra/charsets/

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