Re(2): Euro in 8859 character sets

Date: Fri Apr 17 1998 - 09:12:40 EDT

Dear all,

The statement below (msg 1) is both true and reasonable. As a EC official I plainly and fully support it.
The EC backs, promotes and today uses broadly Unicode (and ISO 10646). However we firmly advocate the need of
including the euro into 8-bit character sets (most of them and not only the 8859/1/7...) and whishes that standardizers
take this into account for the benefit of both the users and the vendors.
European Commission
IT Dpt.

Follows the message which answers to a previous question by a participant in the list (see below message 0)

Meesage 1

> Vendors are adding the sign to their private codes because customers need it.
> If > customers need it it should also be added to the equivalent 8 bit standards
> to > facilitate those who use standard 8 bit codesets in their systems. Also, just
> because you are not an EU member (or potential member) doesn't mean you will
> not need to input/display and print the Euro. The Euro symbol should probably be
> added to all Latin parts to facilitate those in the 8 bit world who wish to
> use it. Everyone, of course, should move to Unicode and we'd have none of this.
> > (easier said than done I know).
> > > Hm, what about Latin-2? I think Euro should be included in Latin-2 most
> > definetely, right? ***---> RIGHT RGHT RIGHT !

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 Subject: Euro in 8859 character sets
 I understand why the Euro sign is wanted in Latin-1, Latin-0 and Greek, but I am not certain it is needed in other parts, such as Cyrillic, Arabic and Hebrew. I have no objection to vendors adding the sign to their private codes. The question is should it be added to the standards?

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