Who are Vietnamese studying Unicode

From: Xuan (xuanbn@hn.fpt.vn)
Date: Tue Apr 21 1998 - 12:15:47 EDT

I would like to meet some Vietnamese studying Unicode, Vietnamese
standard, input method, software that support Unicode for Vietnam
market. Any one have information could mail me.

In Vietnamese:
To^i dang nghie^n cu'/u kha? na(ng a'p du.ng Unicode trong tie^'ng
Vie^.t do^/i vo'/i ca'c he^. tho^/ng pha^\ me^\m. Ba.n na`o co/ tho^ng
tin co' the^? gio'/i thie^.u cho to^i mo^.t so^/ di.a chi? de^? tham

He.n ga(.p

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