Re: more euro issues

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu Apr 23 1998 - 19:31:05 EDT

Tex asked:

> How are Java vendors dealing with these new Euro codepages?
> For example how are they determining which conversions to perform? (Is
> the test ISO-1 or ISO-9?)
> When will these convertors be available and how are they being
> distributed?

I think what he meant was "ISO-1 or ISO-15".

Please note that the new part of 8859 which contains the EURO SIGN
and which is intended for Western European usage is:

   ISO/IEC 8859 Part 15 ("Latin 9" nicknamed "Latin 0")

Also, if anyone has been proceeding on the basis of the assignment
of codes in FCD 8859-15, be advised that the encoded position of
U+20AC EURO SIGN in 8859-15 was moved from 11/01 (0xB1) to 10/04 (0xA4),
as a result of resolution of comments from national bodies. (With
the corresponding removal of U+00A4 CURRENCY SIGN and reinstatement
of U+00B1 PLUS-MINUS SIGN at 11/01.) That is the arrangement that
will be ballotted in the DIS 8859-15.

[Notes for those on the list who aren't standards geeks: "FCD" means
Final Committee Draft. "DIS" means Draft International Standard.]

Thus if anybody had implemented a convertor prior to March 23, 1998,
the date when JTC1/SC2/WG3 ratified the resolution of comments, that
convertor would likely be incorrect now. It is very risky to implement
in advance of actual standards -- especially for something as contentious
as 8859-15!

--Ken Whistler

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