Re: CCCII radical tables?

From: Christian Wittern (
Date: Sat May 02 1998 - 05:48:49 EDT

Doug Schiffer wrote:

> I realize this is not really the right group for this, but I'm at a
> loss to think of where else to find this out....
> While researching Han characters *outside* of Unicode, I started playing
> with the CCCII character set. I haven't found any tools that let you
> actually display the set, so I whipped up a Visual Basic program that
> displays it. The program lets you search the set by CCCII codepoint,
> and compare the variant layers.
> I'd like to allow searches by radical and stroke number. I have
> radical/stroke numbers for layer 1, but not for layers 2-15. Does
> anybody know if this information exists in the public domain?

This does not answer your question directly, but may be of some help:
sits a list of characters with multiple encodings in CCCII. You can
use this list to pull information from CCDB to other CCCII
codepoints, which should bring your total coverage of CCCII to around
60k Codepoints.

Hope this helps,

Christian Wittern


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