Re: Java 1.1.2 Native2ASCII

From: Adrian Havill (
Date: Wed May 06 1998 - 03:07:43 EDT

> Java 1.0.x is unsuitable for i18n work. Nominally, "char" was based on
> Unicode 1, but in reality, many of the classes had built-in Latin-1
> assumptions and will munge any Unicode chars that have the nerve to put
> something besides 0 in the high-order byte.
> For this reason, there was no Native2ASCII in any version of JDK 1.0.x, and
> never will be, AFAIK.

Agreed. The compiler has errors in it as well in regards to handling string
literals, comments, and identifiers, so that if you use the "native2ascii" on a
*.java file and then compile it with the 1.0.2 compiler, the compiler may throw
UTF8Exceptions. (Even though there is no UTF-8 code in the source... I guess
it's because that was the closest thing to a "UnicodeException") In other words,
certain valid Unicode character escapes (\u____) within constants or characters
will spook the 1.0.2 compiler.

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