RE: Can we read Arabic Text on English ver of Windows95

From: John McConnell (
Date: Sun May 31 1998 - 16:47:50 EDT

Yes, it is possible to view Arabic web pages on a non-Arabic version of
Win95 or NT4 with IE4.

1. Download IE4 for enabled for Arabic from
This version is a superset of the English version of IE4 and includes
support for the DIR attribute, BDO element, the Unicode bidi algorithm and
the layout and rendering necessary for Arabic.

2. Install one or more Windows Arabic fonts e.g. from a Win95 Arabic system.

3. Reboot.

You should be able to view Arabic pages in several charsets including UTF-8.
To edit or enter data requires an enabled platform such as Win95/Arabic or
NT4 enabled for Arabic.

For pages without charset info (unfortunately still the majority), you'll
need to set the charset explicitly using the View/Fonts menu item.

John McConnell

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Can anyone help this fellow out on Windows 95 and html, with Arabic?

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> Dear sir,
> I would like to know whether it is possible to
> read arabic html pages on windows95 of english ver.
> We have window 95 , but we want to arabic html
> pages, of saudi sites, our english ver of
> Win95, show ing junk char , not understand ble.
> could suggest a solution.
> yours sincerly
> jahanns M. Laven
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