RE: Can we read Arabic Text on English ver of Windows95

From: Lori Brownell (
Date: Tue Jun 02 1998 - 10:34:38 EDT

The same version supports Arabic and Hebrew, as well as Thai, Hindi and
Tamil. We are working on getting all of the appropriate IE4 language packs
posted to make it easier to obtain appropriate fonts. These language packs
will only be meaninful when installed on the English UI product enabled for
Complex Scripts, as John mentioned earlier.

I expect that the complex script enabled version of IE4 should run fine on a
non-English version of Winodws, e.g., French Win95, however, it is not
officially tested or supported.

Thanks - Lori Brownell

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> On Sun, 31 May 1998 13:26:28 -0700 (PDT), John McConnell wrote:
> >1. Download IE4 for enabled for Arabic from
> >
> >This version is a superset of the English version of IE4 and includes
> >support for the DIR attribute, BDO element, the Unicode bidi algorithm
> and
> >the layout and rendering necessary for Arabic.
> Lori has told us that the same applies for Hebrew, but does this one
> version do both scripts?
> Subsidiary question: can this version be used with a non-English
> version of Windows (e.g. French Win95 or NT4)?
> --
> John Wilcock,

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