Re: Hawaiian language site goes Unicode

From: Richard Verhoeven (
Date: Wed Jun 03 1998 - 05:26:50 EDT

Kenneth Whistler:
>No UTF8 content on the web? Try:
>This is the UTF8 version of the entire Kualono Hawaiian
>language site. The UTF8 portion of the site just went
>live today.
>If your browser can handle UTF8 and you have a basic Unicode
>font, check it out.
>Keola Donaghy ( is pioneering
>this attempt to switch an active website to Unicode,
>and would appreciate any feedback you might have.

After visiting the page, it seems that there are some errors in
the UTF8 encoding. The second byte in a multibyte sequence are
sometimes out of range, that is, above <BF>, which could result
in undefined behaviour. The incorrect sequences are <C4><C1>,
<C5><CD> and <C5><CC>.

Interpreting the phrase "as it existed on June 6, 1998"
correctly, there are still 3 days to fix the problem.


Richard Verhoeven.

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