Re: Hawaiian language site goes Unicode

From: Herbert Elbrecht (
Date: Thu Jun 04 1998 - 05:16:13 EDT


> Frontier itself isn't Unicode friendly, but can be
> modified to render 8 bit text as Unicode.

Is there any "how-to-do" available?

Herbert Elbrecht



I turned my homepages "UTF-8" some time ago - so have a look at:

More up-to-date and more comprehensive is my private one at:

You will find there an electronic UTF-8 version of Unicode 2.0:

It is much more faster "displaying" than the older version at:

You can "Copy & Paste" from the "utf8site" - the way I did it!
I don't know of any UTF-8-Editor for MAC so far - let me know!

Herbert Elbrecht

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