Re: Outlook & the Euro

From: Misha Wolf (
Date: Mon Jun 22 1998 - 16:11:08 EDT

> ISO 8859-15 will probably be implemented by a number of vendors, but it
> will take some time until a large percentage of the users start using
> those versions. Until then, it might be wise *not* to make 8859-15 the
> default when sending mail.

We have just the place for ISO 8859-15 here in London. It is called the
Science Museum and is full of charming historical relics, like Babagge's
difference engine, used by Ada Lovelace (I think that was her family name).

What a relief that we now have Unicode and won't have to implement this
amusing piece of history.

Re the above quote, I reassure myself by remembering that zero is a
perfectly good number.


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