UCData 1.5/csets 1.2 released

From: Mark Leisher (mleisher@crl.nmsu.edu)
Date: Tue Jun 23 1998 - 12:26:13 EDT

UCData 1.5 has some bugs fixed, adds a number table for number/digit lookup,
and now has a manual page. The external data files are at about 68K now. The
API is still compatible with John Cowan's "uctype" package. UCData is an API
for fast access to the data from the UnicodeData-2.*.txt files.

csets 1.2 has a bug fix for the VISCII table, a name update for the CP1258
table, and some minor cleanup. As a reminder, the csets-1.2 archive is a
collection of mapping tables not available at the Unicode Consortium ftp/web


Mark Leisher
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