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Date: Tue Jun 23 1998 - 23:29:38 EDT

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>On 19 June 1998, Cristina Mateo has written:
>> I need to write Japanese characters.
>> How do I do that in HTML for both Mac and Windows?
>HTML 4.0 <> has adopted the UCS
>(ISO/IEC 10646-1:1993 + TAs, or Unicode 2.0 and above) as the document
>character set for HTML. This means that you can, in principle, use any
>UCS character in any WWW page that includes a HTML 4.0 version declaration,
>see <>.
>Of course, what characters the reader of your page will be able to see,
>depends on the browser, and fonts, installed by him/her. [...] Under
>Windows 95, some non-Latin alternate keyboard must be installed, before
>non-Latin fonts can be installed, and viewed.

Actually, no. I can view Chinese (trad & simp), Japanese, and Korean just
fine on US Win95 with a standard keyboard, using either Netscape Nav 4 or IE
4. I can (and do) read web pages, newsgroups, and email in all three
languages, and with both Netscape and Microsoft's browser suites. The
keyboard doesn't matter if all you want to do is view the web pages. All you
have to do is install MS's language packs for the script system of interest.

Even entering text should now be possible with a standard US keyboard, now
that there are apparently input methods included with the latest versions of
the language packs.

__Glen Perkins__

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