Re: FW: Japanese characters -- HTML for both MAC and Windows...

From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Wed Jun 24 1998 - 13:16:21 EDT

On 1998-06-19, Cristina Mateo had written:
> I need to write Japanese characters.
> How do I do that in HTML for both Mac and Windows?

On 1998-06-23, I had written:
> you can, in principle, use any UCS character in any WWW page that
> includes a HTML 4.0 version declaration,
> Of course, what characters the reader of your page will be able to see,
> depends on the browser, and fonts, installed by him/her. [...] Under
> Windows 95, some non-Latin alternate keyboard must be installed, before
> non-Latin fonts can be installed, and viewed.

On 1998-06-23, Glen Perkins has written:
> The keyboard doesn't matter if all you want to do is view the web pages.
> All you have to do is install MS's language packs for the script system
> of interest.

Glen is right. You can indeed install the Win 95 language packs without
the keyboard support. I have just removed the non-Latin keyboard support
from my Win 95 system, and both IE4 and Tango still display the Japanese

I was under the impression that the language packs can only be installed
together with the keyboard support, which is apparently wrong.

The language packs can be installed via the Windows-Setup tab from the
Add-or-Remove-Programs program from Start/Settings/Control-Panel menu.

> Even entering text should now be possible with a standard US keyboard, now
> that there are apparently input methods included with the latest versions of
> the language packs.

I was referring to these input by the term "keyboard"; sorry, if I was
misleading. These can be installed via the Language tab from the Keyboard
program from Start/Settings/Control-Panel menu.

I hope that, after this correction, Chris will be able to craft her WWW
pages, as desired.

Best wishes,
   Otto Stolz

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