AFII and 10036 glyph registry

Date: Wed Jun 24 1998 - 11:56:39 EDT

Can anybody comment on what attention is being given within the
industry to AFII and the ISO 10036 glyph registry.

I've been looking for information on this, and all that I've found so
far is something at Adobe's site on glyph naming that doesn't seem to
reflect a good understanding of the many-to-many relationship between
glyphs and characters or to take too much interest in AFII. (They
claim that AFII has gone out of operation, which I don't think is the
case.) After getting in touch with someone at Adobe to find out more,
I learned that they have chosen to stop making any further use of the
glyph registry maintained by AFII. I'm wondering if Adobe's position
is the exception or the norm.

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