Re: AFII and 10036 glyph registry

Date: Thu Jun 25 1998 - 09:46:39 EDT

Thank you for that information. Can you tell me anything about who is
making use of the registry and how? I assume that there must be a
practical purpose in compiling a glyph registry, but I haven't yet
seen evidence of what that is.

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>Can anybody comment on AFII and the ISO 10036 glyph registry.

AFII is the registration authority for glyph regitstration under ISO
10036. Under the rules in that standard, glyph registration requests
may be made. Contact your national standards organization for a copy
of ISO 10036.

There is a per-glyph fee to offset the costs of registration. A recent
registration has been the glyph for the EURO on behalf of the European

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