Re: AFII and 10036 glyph registry

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Wed Jun 24 1998 - 13:16:36 EDT

> Can anybody comment on what attention is being given within the
> industry to AFII and the ISO 10036 glyph registry.

AFII is not quite out of business. I'm sure you'll hear from the president
of AFII, who keeps an ear to the ground and is on this list...

Meanwhile... Over the years it's been my personal impression that the
industry as a whole has not paid much attention to AFII.

The work they were doing is, in my opinion, important in some ways, but is
not well enough coordinated with character encoding to be of actual use to
implementors of either Unicode or ISO10646. I.e., it has been somewhat askew
from practicality and not well integrated.

I believe their work would have been more interesting and of practical value
to implementors had they concentrated on discovering and cataloging, and
even inventing, ordered sets of glyphs for various scripts and various
special purposes; then providing cross mappings back to 10646 codepoint
"strings". They had a different agenda.


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