Syllabary Workshop in Ethiopia

From: Daniel Yacob (
Date: Fri Jun 26 1998 - 00:20:22 EDT

Greetings All,

  The Ethiopian Computer Standards Association (ECoSA) will be hosting
a workshop on the Ethiopian syllabary Saturday, July 4th at the Ethiopian
Authority for Standards. The workshop program is online under:


Papers presented at the workshop will be published online following the
workshop. At issue are post-Unicode characters found in a few softwares
and characters from ancient text. Papers and discussions sessions will
be held on over 100 additional symbols for:

  o Ancient and Modern Ligatures
  o Extensions for Gurage (Sebatbet) Languages
  o Extensions for Silte, Bench, Yem, Konso, Walayta, K'ebena, Saho, Afar,
     Chaha, Ari, Me'en, Harari, Agew, Dizi, Kambata, Gumuz, and Kefa
  o Italian Transliteration in Ethiopic
  o Ethiopicized Latin Punctuation
  o Numerals and Punctuation
  o Variant Glyphs
  o Ethiopic Phonetic Symbology

Technical committees will be formed following the workshop to compose a
character set required for association and national standards to follow. The
work will be submitted in the form of a proposal for the Ethiopic Extended
Range in Unicode at a later time.

Attendance is open to the general public though linguists, Bible scholars,
historians and computer experts are expected to dominated participation.

thank you,

Daniel Yacob
ECoSA Public Relations Officer

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