RE: Netscape 4.0.5 on Mac OS 8.1

From: Herbert Elbrecht (
Date: Tue Jun 30 1998 - 09:43:42 EDT

Otto Stolz asked for testing his favourite: "GO"

 Browser | enc | text window | title bar | menus | source
 Netscape | UTF | ok | repl.char. | repl.char. | ok (L-1)
 Version 4.05 | dec | ok | repl.char. | repl.char. | N/A
 on Mac OS 8.1| hex | wrong | not tested | not tested | N/A
 Japanese Kit | HEX | wrong | not tested | not tested | N/A

0. UTF-8 works with "Macintosh Runtime for Java (2.0)" installed only!

1. I "mended" last cell of the 1st row of the table with "Copy/Paste"
   using my "utf8site" (UTF-8 code for "GO" looks like "C1 A2 C5" on
   Mac OS platform - so don't get mixed-up entering HEX with Mac OS 8)

2. And "mending" the "test.htm" title, too - gives "%E7%A2%81.htm" in
   Netscape: Document Info window under file/location! (Again re-mix:
   Latin-1 "E7 A2 81" vs. MacRoman "C1 A2 C5" Western Encoding)

3. Japanese "GO" displayed in Netscape: Page Source window using UTF-8

4. Changing desktop font to "Osaka" gives wrong Japanese characters -
   Mac OS 8 (TEC/MRJ) simulates Unicode using the Language Kit(s) in
   UTF-8 savvy applications (Netscape/Explorer//Cyberdog: mail only) -
   i.e. Primary/Secondary Script/Font conflict still with Apple Kits
   on desktop with file management. Waiting for Allegro to come soon.

(With the "Unicode Standard Version 2.0" book at hand) it is easy to
locate any character needed in "utf8site". You can "Copy/Paste" then
all UTF-8 "code" behind characters displayed or not, assigned or not.
That means you can edit characters you can't display on your machine!
Click into the cell concerned to make the arrow disappear, then try
to activate the (replacement-)/character wanted - but not in a hurry,
otherwise Netscape "Back/Forward" dialog function will overlap and
you will have to try again! Is this a MAC feature only? Let me know!

Working in Netscape Composer and wanting to enter Unicode in UTF-8 code
I would like to look-up "utf8site" for UTF-8 code in Netscape Navigator -
and enter the found character in UTF-8 code with double click at the
cursor position within the underlying Netscape Composer document. That's
the way I am used to with Apple (Japanese) Language Kit - who is ready
to do this kotoeri-like FEP feature for "utf8site" - this would make
an overall UTF-8 Editor for all un-/assigned slots!
A kind of "swiss army knife" for Unicode X.0!

Herbert Elbrecht

P.S.: added "the radical way" page for easy look-up of "Unified Han Area".

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