RE: Netscape 4.0.5 on Mac OS 8.1

From: David Goldsmith (
Date: Wed Jul 01 1998 - 16:34:22 EDT

Herbert Elbrecht ( wrote:

>4. Changing desktop font to "Osaka" gives wrong Japanese characters -
> Mac OS 8 (TEC/MRJ) simulates Unicode using the Language Kit(s) in
> UTF-8 savvy applications (Netscape/Explorer//Cyberdog: mail only) -
> i.e. Primary/Secondary Script/Font conflict still with Apple Kits
> on desktop with file management. Waiting for Allegro to come soon.

As far as I know, changing the desktop font to Osaka should have no
effect on the operation of any other component of the system, including
Language Kits, TEC, MRJ, or Netscape. It just affects the Finder and
Standard File (Open/Save dialogs). I've never seen this effect. Getting
the right character depends only on using the correct font and having the
correct script system installed. I don't know how Netscape's support is
implemented, so I can't say whether there might not be problems in this

David Goldsmith
International and Text Department Architect
Apple Computer, Inc.

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