Mapping between Windows codepage and ISO codepage

From: Victor Tse (
Date: Tue Jun 30 1998 - 22:00:22 EDT


On Windows, there are cp1252, cp1250, cp1251 and etc. On UNIX, there are
I know that cp1252 is corresponds to 8859-1. Are they exactly the same
code point by code point?
What about the other? Can you tell me their relationship?
Is cp1251 corresponds to 8859-5? I see that the encoding are very
different between cp1251 and 8859-5.
A conversion seen to be needed when a Windows(Russian) client talks to
UNIX(Russian) server.

A mapping table between UNIX locale identifier (such as en_us) and the
corresponding codepage used(such as 8859-1)
will also be very helpful. Any pointer to literature that have those

Any insight on why Windows do not use the ISO charset standard and
invent their own charset?

Thanks for your help.

Victor Tse

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