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HP-UX has slightly different versions of the STLs, but this really
shouldn't be a problem. The locale model is like most other UNIXes and
support from HP for UCS is forthcoming "real soon now".

Support for Unicode on any Unix really requires more than a few code

For example, you should check out Unicode enabled shells, shell tools
and editors, so you can see characters and work smoothly with them.
There are several of these available as freeware. Also, look at your
code to see where you are using lex/yacc routines. Parsers are often a
problem when converting your code to work with UCS characters, since
they don't understand all those NULLs in "ASCII"... And don't forget
that Unicode != Internationalization. You still have to deal with
locale-related issues!

There are several vendors with class libraries for sale with HP-UX
versions that I am aware of. One is the Global C library from a company
called Uniscape ( <> .
Basis Technologies has a C++ library product (with a demo app that does
charset conversion called uniconv) (
<> ). Both products are useful libraries,
although they lock you into specific structures and coding solutions
(and vendors thereof). Since these are my competitors in the I18N
services market, I will refrain from commenting on their products

In any case, as mentioned before, no library will really fix your code
completely. You still have to wrestle with the wide-versus-multibyte
issues in your code, supporting your legacy apps (where applicable),
your client interface (ditto). Converting your programs to use Unicode
is a *very* good beginning, but it still doesn't deal with the
internationalization of your code that is attendant with making your
internal character representation use UCS. HP-UX is not really different
from any other platform in this regard.

If you would like more information on these issues, please feel free to
contact me directly.


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        Uh-oh, I am reading my buzzwords:

> Question from Italy re Unix, HP-UX, and Unicode... Any

        The only thing I can offer so far, is
        is a page about Gaspar Sinai's Yudit package which I consider
the best
        in contemporary Unicode support on Unix. My complete
Unicode-HOWTO is
        still taking a couple more weeks.

> I am searching over the Internet for anybody offering UNICODE
> support on UNIX, particularly on HP-UX, but a general purpose
> library for converting between Multibyte EUC/Wide Char and
> maybe in source code format, would be perfect for our

        Yudit contains converter classes for EUC_JP, EUC_KR and others
        can be included in other programs, accessed interactively
        Yudit's encoding menu or from the shell through its uniconv

        I am currently not using any HP-UX machines. Is there anything
        special to consider with regard to HP-UX?


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