UNIX and Unicode question...

From: Julia Oesterle (Unicode) (v-juliao@microsoft.com)
Date: Wed Jul 01 1998 - 15:12:43 EDT

Question from Italy re Unix, HP-UX, and Unicode... Any suggestions? I sent
him instructions on how to subscribe to the list.
Julia O

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        Subject: UNIX support libraries for UNICODE?


        I am searching over the Internet for anybody offering UNICODE
support on
        UNIX, particularly on HP-UX, but a general purpose library for
        converting between Multibyte EUC/Wide Char and UNICODE, maybe in
        code format, would be perfect for our purposes.

        Do you know if that kind of thing is available somewhere now?

        I understand that UNICODE is a solid standard and I fully support
        and I am happy to see that Java has seriously adopted UNICODE, but
        is a lot of UNIX software that is important to convert to UNICODE
        instead of EUC/Wchar. Is it possible?

        --Marco Mussini

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