Re: LC_CTYPE locale category and character sets.

From: Berthold Frommann (
Date: Thu Jul 16 1998 - 22:25:12 EDT

Hi Michael!

> >And U+00DF for German has the uppercase "SS",
> >but "SS" does not generally lowercase to U+00DF (unless you do
> >context analysis on the data).
> Which is especially unreliable now that the German High Court has approved
> the spelling reform.
I beg to differ - the very fact that "sharp s" has the uppercase "SS" won't
change at all.
As to "sharp s" vs. "ss" in the spelling reform: The new rule is ...
... "sharp s" after long vowels and diphtongs, (e.g. "Fu/sharp s/",
"hei/sharp s/")
... "ss (lowercase)" after short vowels (e.g. "Fluss)


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