RE: Unicode-capable web browser

From: John McConnell (
Date: Thu Jul 23 1998 - 14:03:43 EDT

IE4 enabled for Arabic, Hebrew and Thai will handle this. You can download
and then select either the Arabic, Hebrew or Thai enabled version. For CJK,
you can download the language packs you need from the add-on page at

This will give you a browser with English UI that is capable of displaying
Ar/He/Th/ & CJK plus many more. It runs on any Win32 platform including US

John McConnell

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Subject: FW: Unicode-capable web browser

RMIT University with two questions re Arabic and CJK Unicode fonts, and web
browsers... any suggestions?
Julia O.
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> From: Trevor Clarke []
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> Subject: Unicode-capable web browser
> Unicode Consortium,
> Dear sir,
> We are developers of SGML/multimedia database technology, and are
> about to implement Unicode support.
> I have two questions about the support for Unicode in web browsers:
> 1. Is a UTF-8 font that includes Arabic and the CJK currently available?
> 2. Is a web browser capable of viewing mixed Arabic and CJK text
> currently
> available?
> I thank you for taking the time to respond to these two Unicode questions.
> Trevor Clarke
> Multimedia Data Systems
> RMIT University

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