Re: Bitstream Cyberbit

From: Roman Czyborra (
Date: Mon Jul 27 1998 - 09:41:34 EDT

> >> > Bitstream was giving away Cyberbit,

They still are, but it's free for non-commercial uses only.

> >> Was -- but lately I was not able to find any downloding offer on their
> >> WWW page. Is there currently any offer I may have overlooked?

The URL was changed from to in the course of a
webserver reconstruction.

> >Since cyberbit is done in the spare time of some employees (so they told
> >me), you can get the font only on explicit request (but still free) since
> >they have no time for support.

With CJK and Arabic coverage, Bitstream Cyberbit continues to be the
mother of all Unicode fonts.

> Would they let someone else put Cyberbit on the Net? should list quite a
few mirrors already. Bitstream Inc. does not have any objections to
people putting it up on their sites as long as the understanding that
it is provided for NON-COMMERCIAL purposes only. I also had to ask
because this was not clear from the license agreement

> Could someone else make a version for Macintosh or X-Windows?

I can use the cyberbit.ttf on X without any problems.

According to Bitstream's product manager Stefan Wennik the next
version shall be distributed as cross-platform standard zip archive.

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