Java and Unicode, Macintosh and Hebrew

Date: Tue Jul 28 1998 - 20:17:29 EDT

I would like to display some Hebrew Unicode characters using Java, on my
Macintosh. So far, I haven't gotten anywhere. Can anyone else?

>The SII decided today to oppose the registration of the proposed Hebrew
>character sets and the so called "missing" Hebrew characters.

Does this mean that all of the Hebrew characters are 'missing', or just
some of them?

>The proposals are based on ISO 8957, a standard that had slipped through
>the system and the withdrawal of which has been requested by the SII. As
>far as we know, there are no implementations of ISO 8957.

Is an implementation of ISO 8957 what would make the Hebrew characters work???

>Apparently, that standard was developed with considerable input and
>expertise from Israeli experts. I've asked Randy to try to dig out the
>relevant documents, which may be of interest to SII.

Did Randy ever find the relevant documents?

Shalom, -Karen

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