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Date: Tue Aug 04 1998 - 18:42:53 EDT

A 14:11 98-08-04 -0700, Mark Davis a écrit :
>Sorry for the confusion--I'll be more explicit on the versioning for
>different browsers. To get Java 1.1, IE needs version 4.0 or later. Navigator
>needs at least 4.05--plus 4.05 itself needs a patch that you can get from
>their site (4.05 alone is running a beta of Java 1.1). Other browsers I don't
>know about.

[Alain] :
I give up searching that patch for the French version. The other day I
searched for a real bug occuring between the combination of GetRight and
Netscape (any version) and I took at least 5 hours to find it. And I was
lucky, the symptom was not described correctly, I got there only because I
had an intuition.


I also have problems searching on the Microsoft site, when I find it is
often by chance too.

The positive thing is that in general, if patient enough, we find !

Btw what is a Java class again? a program? as it is loaded it is a file at

>Alain wrote:
>> A 10:49 98-08-04 -0700, Mark Davis a écrit :
>> >For examples, I have been using a small applet for converting between
>> >hex representations of Unicode and other codesets (UTF-8, JIS, 8859-x,
>> >&c.). In case anyone else is interested, I just posted it up on the
>> >web, on
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >If you try it out, please let me know if you have any feedback.
>> [Alain] :
>> On my machine, installed with Windows 95C (French version) with Netscape
>> 4.05 French version, it does not work at all. I get a big gray box in the
>> middle of the screen with title upward: "Java Unicode Converter" and 2
>> hyperlinks: "Operation, Caveats".
>> It says in English on the status bar :
>> "Applet Unicode converter can't start: error:
>> java.lang.class.ClassFormatError: Class already loaded".
>> Btw I don't know what is a class in this context! I never knew when one
>> talks about Java. Sorry for my ignorance of this programming language (I'd
>> like to know, btw). A "class being loaded" seems odd to me.
>> Alain LaBonté
>> Québec

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