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From: Julia Oesterle (Unicode) (
Date: Thu Aug 06 1998 - 15:07:03 EDT

When you have troubles connecting to the Unicode web site,it helps me, in
communicating with our service provider, if you can:
- provide me a log of the time and problem that you incurred; particularly
if it is a recurrent problem indicate how often this has occurred;
- where you are located (some problems are strictly local); and,
- if you would like me to contact you directly about resolution.

At the present time, 12 noon Pacific time zone, I am encountering no
problems accessing. It was relayed to me that someone was having troubles.
If those problems continue to exist, please contact me (
and provide as much detail (above info) as possible.

I am aware of the problem within the Members Only section of a broken link
within the (the
~L2/UTC document register L2/98-001 - L2/98-200
<> . Will have
corrected soon.

Julia Oesterle
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> Tex, yeah I had intermittent trouble yesterday and the day before. Maybe
> it's time to lean on the service provider a bit...
> Rick

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