Re: UTF-8 format

From: Markus Kuhn (
Date: Tue Aug 18 1998 - 04:25:01 EDT

JATIN B KHANDELWAL wrote on 1998-08-18 00:15 UTC:
> Need information on UTF-8 format


> and conversion tables with respect to
> Unicode 2.0, EUC, JIS and Shift-JIS.

Once you understood UTF-8 by reading the above documents, you will not
be interested any more in UTF-8 <-> Unicode conversion tables. The
conversion is a trivial algorithm, no table required. For EUC, JIS and
Shift-JIS you use the normal Unicode conversion tables and apply the
UTF-8 algorithm.

It is very exciting to see that UTF-8 is finally starting to fly these
days. It looks like there are signs of exponential growth.


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