Re: Unicode Conferece Papers on the WEB?

From: Roman Czyborra (
Date: Fri Aug 14 1998 - 08:46:57 EDT

Jim Agenbroad <> wrote:

> It just occured to me that if the papers of all but say the last two
> Unicode conferences were available on the web, access to them would be
> promoted and, I suspect, sales only slightly effected. Since the papers
> often contain nonroman characters it would take some technical expertise.
> As an initial effort, indexing them to promote access would be easier
> and also useful. Just an idea.

I second this proposal. Speaking of the infamous "pig in a poke" or
"Katze im Sack" with regard to the $250 AFII glyph registry CD-ROM,
the same applies to the Unicode conference proceedings. Looking at, I can order 35
pounds of conference proceedings for 281 USD + 150 USD shipping. The
webpage does not even contain links to the tables of contents which I
believe to be seeing at

400 USD is a bit too high a price for a student, even though it is
still thriftier than attending the conferences. Apparently, no single
library in the Netherlands or Germany has any of the proceedings. I
asked the to order the proceedings but I got no reply.
By now it is already too late for me to read them for my thesis.

So far, I have only found a few IUC presentations on the web:

Am I overlooking something?

Greetings, Roman

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