Re: Unicode Conferece Papers on the WEB?

From: Lisa Moore (
Date: Tue Aug 18 1998 - 15:34:23 EDT

Yes, it is a good suggestion to make Unicode conference papers and proceedings
available on the web. The reason it hasn't happened here-to-fore is due to the
workload of the volunteers who participate on the review board. The papers are
submitted in many formats, so it would be a bit of an undertaking to have
things available in a consistent manner. But we can take a look at it again.

We will discuss it among the board members and the conference organizer and see
what we can do. We have also had the suggestion to select a subset of
presentations and concentrate on publishing them on the web. Of course, it is
quite gratifying to know that the proceedings are sought after!

Thank you for your patience and your interest,

Lisa Moore
Co-Chair, IUC 13

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Subject: Re: Unicode Conferece Papers on the WEB?

Jim Agenbroad <> wrote:

> It just occured to me that if the papers of all but say the last two
> Unicode conferences were available on the web, access to them would be
> promoted and, I suspect, sales only slightly effected. Since the papers
> often contain nonroman characters it would take some technical expertise.
> As an initial effort, indexing them to promote access would be easier
> and also useful. Just an idea.

I second this proposal. Speaking of the infamous "pig in a poke" or
"Katze im Sack" with regard to the $250 AFII glyph registry CD-ROM,
the same applies to the Unicode conference proceedings. Looking at, I can order 35
pounds of conference proceedings for 281 USD + 150 USD shipping. The
webpage does not even contain links to the tables of contents which I
believe to be seeing at

400 USD is a bit too high a price for a student, even though it is
still thriftier than attending the conferences. Apparently, no single
library in the Netherlands or Germany has any of the proceedings. I
asked the to order the proceedings but I got no reply.
By now it is already too late for me to read them for my thesis.

So far, I have only found a few IUC presentations on the web:

Am I overlooking something?

Greetings, Roman

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