Re: Unicode Conferece Papers on the WEB?

From: Geoffrey Waigh (
Date: Wed Aug 19 1998 - 00:45:43 EDT

Roman Czyborra wrote:
> 400 USD is a bit too high a price for a student, even though it is
> still thriftier than attending the conferences. Apparently, no single
> library in the Netherlands or Germany has any of the proceedings. I
> asked the to order the proceedings but I got no reply.
> By now it is already too late for me to read them for my thesis.

Alas, you aren't missing a huge amount. There are a few gems in
the proceedings (like the initial publication of then RCSU,) but most
of the proceedings are the PowerPoint summaries of the presentations
often geared with a business bent rather than a technical one. While
some of these went alongside adequately technical presentations, you
wouldn't glean that much from most of the 'papers' in the proceedings.

Of course by the same token it wouldn't be nearly as daunting a task
to get the good stuff on the web site if egos wouldn't be bruised by
telling people their 'paper' is only a step above a marketing job.


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